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Route to Market

The Kicktek team has worked hard to develop a strong rapport with some of the major players throughout shopping television, search engine optimisation and comparison website industries. Using such relationships, we are able to offer you a route to market in which your products and brand will hit shop floors, price comparison websites and the media, UK & worldwide.

Our route to market strategy has been developed in mind to open doors for your company. We realise how difficult it may be to get your foot through the door without exposure in the ecommerce and retail spheres.

The Kicktek team boasts a staff full of experts in the fields of retail, marketing and ecommerce, and therefore we cannot only guide your efforts, but also look to resolve stumbling blocks and help achieve targets.

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Product Development

The Kicktek team have years of experience in product development and with over 10,000 lines under our belt we have all the tools needed to help you get your product to market. We can help with the whole process from focus group research through to manufacturing and deployment.

With a network of high profile professionals across retail we have a unique opportunity to soundboard ideas to test market traction before you invest in further development potentially saving you time and money. This is also a great opportunity to reflect on the final product design and add/remove features to get it right.

When it comes to realising your design we'll get your prototype created ready for evaluation in no time at all. From there we can follow up with additional feedback from industry professionals before planning your route to market strategy and finally getting your product into production.

With your final product design in production we'll help launch your idea into retail with professional video productions, TV exposure and real retail interest should you wish to take that route. Our service can be completely tailor made to suite your needs with sound advice from a team who care about your product.

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Ecommerce Platforms

Having a website is one of the most important and powerful opportunities available to any new business or product. At the same time just throwing a website online without really thinking about the message it delivers to your clients can be problematic too.

Our team of developers are well versed in building the perfect platform to start trading online or to showcase your business. We talk to you to get a good understanding of your product or business, we do the market research to see what your competitors are doing and then we deliver a bespoke package that’s just right for you.

We specialise in the essentials from web design to shopping cart functionality and inventory management. Our service can be 100% tailored to your needs. Creating a great website is important to delivering a great customer experience. From customer reviews to social media integration, giving your customers a voice is the best way to understanding their needs and adapting your business to maximise their potential.

We can get your products out to all the major shopping platforms with minimal effort in creating an automated service which will help you win over new customers, gain exposure and attract good quality traffic to your website.

We are able to assist in designing your retail website, feeding your inventory out to other retail partners as well as creating & optimising your eBay or Amazon shop. Such practices may bring new customers to your door, encourage customers to buy from your store & gain exposure where it matters.

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Web Marketing

The Kicktek team is able to offer our web marketing campaigns tailored specifically to your company. Such services include social media account management & optimisation, sending out stock information to intended resellers & retailers, and writing email & advertising campaigns.

We are able to increase the range of potential customers on your website or social media page by increasing traffic and running advertisements specifically to your intended demographic. We are able to manipulate your social media page for your intended purpose, may this be to increase the amount of 'likes' or 'follows', or promote a brand/offer/new product range.

We understand that your company may want to address a certain clientele and therefore we are able to run such campaigns in a purely professional light, or we are also able to bring a light-hearted or comedic ambiance (/atmosphere) to your social media presence while maintaining a suitable level of integrity.

We may also offer out a service in which we can send out an automated list of your inventory to websites such as Google Shopping or targeted retailers. We may also use this process to send out your stock information to intended resellers.

We are also able to make thousands of your customers aware of your newest offers and product line by scheduling out email marketing advertisements at whatever date or time you feel would gain most traction.

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About Us

"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else" - Albert Einstein

As one of history's greatest thinkers Einstein knew that understanding the rules to a game was the key to winning. It's a simple philosophy but surprisingly many new businesses fail to understand the rules they have to adhere to in order to succeed. According to Dragons Den star Theo Paphitis, about 50% of all small businesses fail within the first couple of years. It's a shocking reality but with a solid strategy based on a good understanding of the rules you're less likely to become another negative statistic.

Built up from industry specialists, each with decades of experience, the Kicktek team have a good understanding of what's needed to get a product in the hands of the consumer. Our unique knowledge of the Industry has allowed us to build a selling network spanning more than 10 of our own retail sites in multiple countries, along with a catalogue of high profile retail partners both here in the UK and worldwide. We also work closely with the world's largest and best known shopping television networks in many geographic locations across Europe, Asia and the US giving us the unique opportunity to create product exposure and awareness to help drive demand.

It's this unrivaled formula that makes Kicktek a great partner to help you find the right route to market for your product or idea. Why not get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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